Coaches & Consultants

If you’re a coach or consultant, you’re likely an expert in your field.

However, that doesn’t necessarily make you a high performance sales person!

If you’ve never held a formal sales role, there’s every chance you’ve never received sales training and so it stands to reason that you may have some gaps in your approach.

And what’s more, even if you’ve been trained in this methodology or that, the world has moved on and the one size fits all approach simply doesnt’ work.

Marketing can only do much of the heavy lifting. At some point you’ve got to close the deal!

If you know you’re missing out on sales, finding yourself under regular pressure to offer hefty discounts, or if you’d just like to be more comfortable in the sales process (or to build one!), we should talk.

Likewise, if you’re finding yourself going around in circles, or witnessing boom and bust cycles, we can fix that.

Our unique approach will give you the skills and confidence to make massive strides in your sales capability, close rates and your revenue position within a very short time frame.

What’s more, they are skills that you can transfer – with or without our help – to others in your business for even greater benefit.

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Andrew helped me grow my company and secure large accounts I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do on my own.

LouiseAgency Owner

I would not only be confident in recommending Andrew to any business, but I would argue that any business cannot do without his expertise.

Jonathan EatlyMD, Finance Company